Natural Cosmetics

Tigernut Oil - an insider tip:

The more unknown  from the Tigernut has many valuable ingredients that have a positive impact on the human organism.

In the Kitchen its a golden liquid oil, with mild taste and neutral smell. The high quality cooking oil is very heat and is excellent for cooking all kinds of food. Whether in salads or desserts the Tigernut oil finds good use everywhere and completes a full-fledged diet. The content of unsaturated fatty acids is similar to olive oil. With the proteins, enzymes and fibre contained, helps the Tigernut Oil also supports digestion.

From the kitchen to cosmetics:
The many beneficial properties of the Tigernut also convince the skin. Its curative effect is based on the high content of oleic acid and natural Vitamin E.
It strengthens the elasticity of the skin and prevents wrinkles. The mild oil is suitable for all skin and age groups. Especially conditioning for baby and children skin. But also mature, dry and demanding skin are provided with important ingredients.

At a Glance:
- optimal for delicate baby and children skin
- treat and supply all skin (from dry, normal to mature skin)
- improves the elasticity and is a natural anti skin aging (smoothing and tightens)
- has a lot of Vitamin E (47 mg to 100 ml)
- very well suited for massages, bath or hair